Angels with Popcorn

Posted on September 6, 2014 at 8:50 PM

When you are having a bad day –sometimes the best remedy is to love other people.

You know when you are just having one of those week. The kids woke up every night crying, Bodi has a double ear infection, we have lost power and run out our batteries several times, water was cut off for a while, it has been excessively hot (and no batteries means no fans), still no internet, still no car after 10 days of promises, our washing machine still doesn’t work (look for pictures of me washing clothes by hand) to name a few.

Then, yesterday we experienced our first accident in the DR. Two kids were riding on a moped, carrying a surfboard and decided to pass us on the left as we were about ½ way through a left hand turn. As they both hit our rental car and their surfboard broke the window, Bodi and Kai both started crying. Our kids had already had a difficult day and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back (or it was the surfboard that broke the window).

I exited the car to a screaming Dominican kid, I realized he wasn’t just yelling at me, he was trying to get me to back up so we could get his friends arm out from under our tire. Thankfully, both boys are ok (aside from a broken leg) and our family is all safe without a scratch. I’m thankful that Sandy handled the situation so well, without missing a step she was getting the boys calmed down, checking them for injuries, calling our friends to help us get things sorted out, and overall being a stud! I’m thankful for our Manna Global Ministries friends who arrived quickly, and even sent translators so we would be well taken care of. I’m also thankful for a man named Pago who was driving by and stopped to help (he even took our spare tire into town to get it filled with air). We still have a few more un-pleasantries to deal with as our rental vehicle is impounded, but I am thankful this bad situation turned out so well and for the people who helped us.

As you can imagine, after waiting at the police station for an hour (instead of going to our team devotional) Sandy and I were worn down. Friends brought the kids to the Manna missionary camp to play with the other kids and we stayed behind to deal with the police. After we were informed our car was impounded and we would need to come back tomorrow, we decided to wait for pick up at a local Italian restaurant. Once we sat down, it all hit. We started feeling sorry for ourselves and the weight of the entire week came crashing down. The questions of – what are we doing here, did we make the right choice in moving our family here, is it really safe to drive on this island, will we be extorted – all came rushing in. As we were sitting in our slump, whom should appear but the little girl you all met from last week – Jessica, with 3 of her “sisters.” These young girls who walk the streets selling popcorn until the late hours of the night stopped everything they were doing when the noticed Sandy had been crying. They crawled through the railing of the restaurant to get to Sandy and instantly began to hug and kiss her and play with her hair and tell us that they hoped we have luck with our car and are very sorry we were in an accident. These little girls, who sleep on a dirt floor and sell popcorn to help their family, were more concerned about us and our boys than they were themselves – who is the missionary here!?

After having a nice dinner with the girls and trying to get them to eat their vegetables, we realize we are here for a reason, and that reason has nothing to do with us. It is amazing how feeding a few little girls and listening to their story for an hour can destroy self-pity and shine light on a dark situation. I’m so thankful my family is safe, but also thankful that God sent us these little popcorn angels to re-confirm our call to Rio San Juan.


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Reply Mom
10:16 PM on September 6, 2014 
Totally made me cry. God is amazing and His love and Mercy never fails us. I am so very, very proud of you & Sandy. Stay strong in His love and protection. Tell Bodi & Kai that Gma is in Vegas picking up a bad guy. I stopped at M&M World and bought another M&M machine. I love you all 💕
Reply Kelly
1:46 AM on September 7, 2014 
Another amazing story. I love to hear what's going on there. Thinking of you often. When there's internet, we need a Skype date :)
Reply Pam
10:53 AM on September 7, 2014 
This fallen world can play havoc with our earthly bodies and situations, but can't touch hearts that beats in tune with the heart of God, as clearly seen in you two as you brave your new world with God!
Reply Mom/Nana
11:03 AM on September 7, 2014 
I'm so grateful that you were strong and unhurt. Sorry for the adversity. What can I do to help in this matter?
Love, Mom/Nana
Reply Lynne Johnston
4:09 PM on September 7, 2014 
Your family is getting comfortable with being UNcomfortable. That's how youll break the plateau and reach that next level.
Reply Vanessa
4:13 PM on September 7, 2014 
Beautiful. Love you guys and your heart! Praying for you often as you get settled.
Reply Heather
4:54 PM on September 22, 2014 
Just now reading this blog entry. Funny how the timing of your message is perfect for me to hear TODAY! Keep up the great work and keep us posted!
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